Blades – Interview & Snippets

We’ve done an Interview with the Australian Hardcore rap combo Blades for you…

At first a little introduction to the group, and who can do that better than the music itself?!

Blades of Hades CD 2008

aust hardcore rap hip hop britcore

Tracklisting (click on the individual track to listen to it):

1. Choirific
2. Intro
3. Kaosorda
4. Hard as Metal
5. Beatscutsrymz
6. Enemy Drop
7. Auststyles
8. Lyrically
9. Find Ya Higher
10. Mr Mister
11. Sacrifices
12. It Be Me
13. Hardcore
14. City Of Steel


This Instalment CD (2006)

hardcore hip hop australia album hip hop

Tracklisting (click on the individual track to listen to it):

1. In Your Area
2. Crownz & Ankas
3. This N That
4. Monkrunna
5. Venomachinegun
6. Rhyme Design
7. Blast opposition
8. Eugie
9. Suckatash
10. City Of Steel (Remix)
11. This Instalment
12. Lost N Confused
13. Dusty
14. Inconspicuous
15. Norway

get the CD here (available soon).

Shadow Art LP/CD (2008)

blades shadow art cd cover

australia hardcore rap

Tracklisting (click on the individual track to listen to it):

A1. Cannibalistic Act
A2. BackNForth
A3. Proceed With Caution
A5. Tribe Ill
B1. Backyard Dentistry
B2. V.T Drifter
B3. Art Of Darkness
B4. Cannibalistic Act (Remix)
B5. The Burning (Intro Tunz)

get the LP/CD HERE. (Vinyl available now, Cd available soon)



Underground United: Hello everybody, please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.

Blades: Hello we are Blades from Newcastle Australia. The core of our crew is Kid Lyrical and Wizardry on the mics and Likewyze on the beats. Also in our crew are constant collaborators MC Dusk and DJ Skoob.

Underground United: Where does your name come from?

Blades: We were originally called Blades of Hades, and in a lot of circles we still are called that, which is fine with us. The name comes from Greek mythology where Hades was Gatekeeper of the Underworld. Its basically the name Kid and Wiz have been rolling under since they could rap.

Underground United: Since when are you making music, and are you, or have you been active in any other forms of hip hop?

Blades: Kid and Wiz are brothers, and have been rhyming together since they were kids. Blades of Hades basically started back then… somewhere out there there’s a video of 12 year old Wizardry serving it up at a school talent show. Likewyze came into the picture when Kid and Wiz jumped up to jam on stage with a funk band Likewyze was playing guitar in. Likewyze was studying audio at a music school and offered to record a few tracks, which ended up being the first album.

Underground United: How would you describe your style of music, how does the blades style sound like?

Blades: Its hard to describe exactly what to call our sound because we try to make all of our tracks different. When people ask we just say hip hop and let them make their own call on what we are.

Underground United: Which groups influenced you the most?

Blades: I suppose that varies member to member but i’d say the main common influences would be Ice-T, NWA, Def Wish Cast, Busta Rhymes and Wu-Tang Clan. We all branch out into other stuff but we always comes back to Enter the 36 Chambers. Its just so good.

Underground United: Some would describe your sound as classical uk hardcore style, even if youre not from there. Do you know of any British hardcore (Britcore) crews, and if so, have they been an influence to you at all?

Blades: Def Wish Cast were a big influence early on for us but real (UK) Britcore stuff was pretty hard to find in Australia, especially in a town like Newcastle. Turntablist Mark N was probably the first to tell us we had the British Hardcore sound. He produce the track Blast Opposition which is very much influence by Hijack…. it even has K-Sly dropped in the chorus. Recently we’ve been listening to Warped Ethics, Gunshot, Suspekt etc online but that stuff still isn’t easy to find out here..

Underground United: Are there any releases, and if so where can you get hold of them?

Blades: We have a new album called Shadow Art out through on wax and eventually CD. All our albums will be available through vinylism soon, as soon as we can get them pressed. We are trying to sort out distro in Australia… looks like its going to be coming out through a range of small indie record store which is cool with us.

Underground United: Whats your personal favourite track of blades and why?

Blades: Likewyze says Kaos Orda because it was probably the track that defined our early sound and because the spits are just plain brutal. Or maybe a new one called Novocat that will be on the next album after Shadow Art…..

Wizardry is leaning towards Find Ya Higher… Kids saying This Instalment.

However if you asked us tomorrow the answers would be completely different.

Underground United: Which music apart from hip hop you like and have a listen to?

Once again it depends who you talk to in the crew but i’ll throw a few names down that we all like: Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Sepultura, Slayer, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, Nina Simone, Alice in Chains, Mozart, Beethoven, Mr Bungle, Buena Vista Social Club, Fat Freddys Drop, Bill Withers, Al Green, Body Count, Red Hot Chili Peppers (BSSM and earlier), Faith No More, Sex Pistols………. we could do this all night. We just really like music.

Underground United: Which artists you would like to work with the most?

Blades: A few of the Wu-Tang Clan members come to mind, but we are up for collaborations with anyone with skills, famous or not. Its all about making good music and giving audiences fresh stuff to listen to.

Underground United: How does the hip hop scene in newcastle and the whole of australia look like? And what changed in the past years, how has it been before?

Blades: Since our involvement in the scene in the early 90s the Australian hiphop culture has undergone huge changes, especially in regards to the music. Back in those days graffiti and breakin were a big focus and what little oz hiphop music we could find was heavily influenced in content and stylistic approach by these elements. Shit was raw. Over time more groups started to form but back in those days hiphop culture was totally underground and recieved no support or recognition from the commercial/mainstream. Around 2000 a national radio station started a weekly hiphop show, which had a big impact on the hiphop music scene; not only was ozhiphop gaining recognition in the national music scene, but artists could now get their music heard nationwide at a time when the number of hiphop albums being distributed was still quite small. This gave rise to a lot of new crews and a diversification in sound which was great.

blades of hades picture australia

However artists were getting airplay and record deals by making radio friendly ‘hip-pop’ music for with easily digestable content matter and fluffy, soft beats. This sound caught on and became what a lot of Australian kids expect from an oz hip hop group. Since then hiphop has become as popular as other genres in Australia, which is a positive thing for the culture. However its think hard for the artists who don’t want to conform to this sound.

Newcastle isnt a capital city and it was never really considered for tours. We started putting on hip hop jams in around 2000 to bring crews from other cities and we like to think that we help to spawn a the Newcastle hip hop scene.

In Newcastle the scene is small, dirty and completely real… shouts to Mark N, Nameless Crew, Bric a Brac, Mojos Lab, Fife and all you other stinky rats.

Underground United: Would you ‘water down your sound’ for commercial success/greater fanbase or will you always stay raw and underground even if that would mean you would just sell only a few copies of your albums?

Blades: We will always make music from the heart, regardless of what’s fashionable at the time. That said I have no idea what we will sound like in 5 years times… rest assured we will be putting out albums until we die, regardless of money, and they will all be real.

Underground United: What do you plan for future, what can we expect from the blades in the next time?

Blades: Our plan is to take our sound to the rest of the world. We have a tour of UK and Europe planned for June- August this year and we are looking forward to some jams and collaborations with artists over there. And we are currently recording/writing the follow up to Shadow Art and it sounds amazing… organic, raw hip hop.

Underground United: And now some space for greets, hating, shouts, proposals of marriage…whatever you want.

Blades: Shout to everyone in the UK/European scene who have helped us in the last few months… Boris and Underground United, D-Rex and PPP, Class Action and Dj Highfly, Suspekt, Dookie Squad, Warped Ethics and everyone else who have spread the word…. Underground Hip Hop is back. Fuck the commercial shit. Keep it real.

Kid Lyrical, Wizardry and Likewyze of the Blades Crew Aust.

Many thanks for the interview and all the best in life, personally and musically! Peace!


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